Friday, July 4, 2008

ZenZuu What?

I'm very excited about this, and found this blog on Proven 2 Pay or a blog by them anyway, and im just so very excited and dont know how to word it, so Im using their blog, i did not write this, they did, but I couldnt have worded it any better! You have got to sign up for this!

On August 1st ZenZuu will start taking in advertising revenue and that means money for all its members. Remember that ZenZuu has pledged publicly to share 80% of its advertising revenue with its members and that is US!

The 2nd major change that’s happening on August 1st is that ZenZuu is changing the criteria for 10th level sharing. Let me explain.

Right now if you join ZenZuu and recruit 10 active members and they recruit members who recruit members you will receive matching payments for every $ earned by your 10th level members. Now that could be very nice indeed.

If you have 10 people and they only get 2 people each and they only get 2 people each and so on until you reach the 10th level you’d have

10×2x2×2x2×2x2×2x2×2 people on your 10th level. How many people is that? 5,120 and if they only earned you $1 a week that’s $5,120 dollars - not bad eh.

But if you haven’t already signed up 10 active members by August 1st then you’re going to have a problem. On August 1st the criteria will change and people who join the matching scheme after August 1st will be required to recruit 100 active members at their first level. Now that is a lot.

What if you don’t think you can get 10 people? That’s not a big problem. You will still earn but you won’t be able to get the matching bonus. As long as you have 2 active people in your first level then you will be paid a portion of all your downline’s earnings up to the 9th level.

What do I mean by an “active member”? Well an active member is someone who signs into the ZenZuu account at least 30 times a month. Now you can do that once per day or cram the whole 30 log- ins into 1 hour on one day. Its your choice. But remember this is going to be a social networking site - just like MySpace and Facebook and the chances are you’ll be logging in more than once a day because its fun. There is already a ton of videos, groups and blogs and posts going up - why not check them out.

So is this all going to work out? Have no doubts this will work. ZenZuu launched its beta version (the current one) 77 days ago. It started off with 5 people. As of yesterday it had 55,000 members and the number is growing every single second. ZenZuu projects there will be 10 million members by the summer of this year and estimates 200 million members by the end of 2009. Imagine having a chunk of those in your down line.

ZenZuu is already the fastest growing social networking site out there. If you get started now you’ll be able to recruit a ton of people. If you leave it they’ll have joined up under someone else. Imagine trying to recruit people to MySpace or Face Book now. Most everyone I know has already joined either one or both. ZenZuu is new - most people haven’t heard of it yet. Make the most of this totally unique opportunity and grow that down-line.

Sign up for ZenZuu - its totally free, totally risk-free and guaranteed to repay the effort you put into it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Flowers

I just ordered these today from Tennessee, and got them delivered to VA the same day! Can you believe that, fast fast fast, and not to mention affordable! WOW

Smile Bouquet -

Smile Bouquet -

This striking assemblage of top quality roses will warm a beloved's heart, even on the coldest day.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Friday, June 20, 2008

These are the cutest things ever!

Good Kitty Gift Basket

Good Kitty Gift Basket

Good little kitty! Give your good kitty a basket of catnip toys, treats, a brush, a bowl and a fancy collar. This Good Kitty Gift Basket is sure to make your furry friend feel good. Good Kitty Gift Basket includes: - Cat Treats - Catnip Toys - Lattice & Sparkle Balls - Brush - Rhinestone Collar - Stainless Pawprint Dish

Good Dog Gift Basket

Good Dog Gift Basket

Good Dog! Give your good dog a bowl of treats, bones, toys and a paw print leash. This Good Dog Gift Basket is sure to make your best friend feel good. Good Dog Gift Basket includes: - Nylon Paw Print Leash 3/4''x44'' - Tennis Ball Toy - Large Plush Dog Bone - Rope Toy - Hard Rubber Chew Toys - Squeak Toys - Rawhide Dog Bone - WOOF Cheddar Cheese Cookies - Stainless Pawprint Dish

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Gift Basket

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Gift Basket

The must-have pet gift for the canine enthusiast or for a friend who is about to get a new puppy! Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul is a warmhearted collection of stories about unconditional love, comedy, and courage. Tales of healing and learning will inspire dog lovers to rejoice in the unique bond they share with their canine companions. For the dog owner, we also include Hathaway's Sour Cherries and a generous amount of Almond Roca in an attractive top-stitched red leather tote that can later be used to store dog toys or hold paperwork and mail. For the pooch, we include three paw print tennis balls and a colorful Frisbee. A superb feel-good gift that will bring sunshine into the lives of both the dog and the owner.

Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Gift Basket

Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Gift Basket

The indispensable pet gift for the feline enthusiast or for a friend who is about to get a new kitty! Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul is a warmhearted collection of stories about feline affection, mystery, and charm. Tales of playful and hilarious accounts of life with cats will inspire cat lovers to rejoice in the unique bond they share with their feline companions. For the cat owner, we also include a generous amount of Almond Roca and Hathaway's Sour Cherries in an attractive top-stitched red leather tote that can later be used to store cat toys or hold paperwork and mail. For the kitty, we include five mice toys stuffed with cat nip and a mouse scratch pad with a fuzzy red pom pom tail. A superb feel-good gift that will bring sunshine into the lives of both the cat and the owner.

Is Google in Trouble & Facing Bankruptcy?

Is Google in Trouble & Facing Bankruptcy?

[NEW YORK - Wednesday] - by Devon Melk. Rumors are now running amok
that the 2nd most powerful website on the entire Worldwide-Web may
file BANKRUPTCY, with the deadline set for this December; being the
date of both discharge and dissolution in a Federal Court of Law.

This would come as a SHOCK to investors and "Googlers" alike who
both profit and benefit from the use of the World's largest and
most powerful search engine which receives far in excess of
100 MILLION unique daily visitors and well over 300 million
individual searches daily - making it perhaps the single most
valuable public data resource as an "information bank" online the
world over.

But is the rumor true or false?

The origin of the rumor occurred when some savvy Internet marketers
began making statements that they had heard "insiders' talk" that
the company (now publicly traded since April 30, 2004, just over 3
years ago) may face financial disaster with the release of a "new
system" that would allow advertisers to get their otherwise
pay-per-click (PPC) advertising completely free.

This, of course, would naturally lead directly (like a domino-
effect) to the collapse of Google's sibling program AdSense; as its
only revenue comes from the direct sales of AdWords "clicks."

The "new system" in question and responsible for the controversy
over getting AdWords pay-per-clicks free is that developed by
Dr Jon Cohen of New York City, New York (now retired) who discovered
a simple, yet effective means, for getting Google PPC ads without
having to suffer the costs involved.

The retired New York doctor and native has a publicly disclosed net
worth now in excess of $70 million [US], having generated well over
$377 million in product sales from sixteen (16) separate online
businesses within just nine (9) years since first venturing online
in 1998 (about the same time as Google was founded).

It is estimated by company insiders and leading financial analysts
that the "good doctor" (as he's called by "all who know him") has
purportedly saved well over $93 million (some estimates suggest
closer to $136 million) in otherwise paid advertising at Google and
the other major players in the PPC targeted-search arena online -
including Yahoo, MSN, AskJeeves,, HotBot, AltaVista,
Lycos and Netscape, just to name a few.

The "secret" became available to the general masses last April, and
its very release caused such a major sweeping stir among the
community of Internet-marketers, affiliate-marketers, webmasters,
ecommerce company owners and surfers alike that the site quickly
rose to break the top most visited 1,000 websites on the entire
planet briefly; and as can be seen here: (Alexa data on this!)

When asked if the "secret" would somehow ruin Google, Dr Cohen
revealed almost cryptically that it actually would bring about just
the opposite effect, and "stimulate" even more business volume for
the virtual giant.

Many people were dismayed to find that Google itself is deliberately
allowing the purchase of 100,000's of PPC ads offering the secret
system to the general public -- which indicates to most observers
that either they [Google] haven't caught it, or they simply feel
that it somehow is not a threat to their continued operation.

For anyone's inspection factual and hard evidence supporting this
can be seen by simply looking to the right-hand column when doing a
search for "get google ads free" (specifically in quotation marks)
at under the "Sponsored Links" section.

Or take this direct and instant SHORTCUT:

You can also see nearly 100,000 specific results in the "organic"
fields index located in the center and which occupies the bulk of
the results pages.

One would think that if Google felt threatened by such a release as
this earth-shaking "secret" is, they would hardly allow for either
paid-ads or organic content to make the top searches regarding it.

However, evidence supports to the contrary - and this being the
case now for a full six (6) months.

Mysteriously, within just two (2) hours of its initial release last
April, Google itself actually did in fact 'pause' the parent firm's
attempts at advertising the new system using PPCs on their search
engine - only, however, to release the hold after a Review Team
consisting of some of Google's top executives completed performing
an in-depth investigation and made the determination to ALLOW the
ads to run.

The secret system was recently revised however to include "major
new content" and "more exhaustive instructions," and is now
available at its Home Site:


The most important addition is that of a so-called "string of code"
(tech-talk for some HTML) that can be added to any webpage(s) that
instantly causes the elimination of the page owner's AdWords costs
right away.

Even a "live" woman spokes-representative ("Rachel") has been added
to the site, and who appears to literally walk out onto the webpage
and talk to visitors and explain a bit more how the mysterious new
breakthrough system works.

Since the addition of this new "live" spokes-woman has now appeared
at the site, company Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mr Todd
Coutrin states that "sales for the system have skyrocketed above
2,430% suddenly and with no limit in sight."

Coutrin continues: "With the newest revision now in place, plus all
the additions added, affiliates for the new system can expect to
earn even more than ever before!" (Note: Affiliates make up the
bulk of the firm's sales generation.)

The refund rate for the new revised version of the secret (named
V5.1) has dropped to less than half of what it was before the newer
version's release; meaning it's now even more readily-received and
put to use than ever before (perhaps in large part to the newer
simplicity of application) - now making it the safest and one of
the best resellers for the networks of affiliate marketers who earn
their revenues from the reselling of other electronic publishers'
stock and digital product lines.

When asked, Google company representatives stated matter-of-factly
that the rumors of bankruptcy for the ecommerce giant are simply
not true, and that the rumor millings are in fact simply the result
of "panics" brought on by the usual hysteria associated with
anything large, new or revolutionary - or in this case, all three.

Attempts to contact both Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the former
Stanford University students who founded Google in 1998, to request
comment were unsuccessful.

Again, Google itself seems to be the biggest supporter of the "new
system" as it's allowing more and more advertisers to promote the
new system on its search engine before over 100 million daily
searches and surfers.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Breakthrough "Forced Money" System Just Released!

There's a "new" kind of website these days - one that "FORCES" money into your pocket!

The days are now over where you were left with just "chance" on your side when it came to making money on the Internet.

A brand new "technology" has been developed that makes websites pay you by "force!"

Short of putting a gun to people's heads and making them take their money out of their wallets and pay you without choice, this new technology might as well be the exact same thing.

This breakthrough was developed by a New York Virtual Marketing Firm, and is taking the Web by storm!

Already some pretty famous names are taking note of this new "money making invention" that "forces" money out of the Internet directly into your bank account!

A spokesperson for the NYC firm boasted proudly:

"Imagine the Worldwide-Web as an ocean of money ... our new technology merely makes a way for YOU to be able to dig a big trench from that 'cash-sea' directly into your backyard!"

And that's obviously a pretty amazing feat to say the very least!

People get a webpage that's NOT ordinary by any means!

The webpage "captures" a huge segment of the daily visitors it receives and winds up upselling them repeatedly with a predictable conversion each and every time!

Plus, the webpage has a "built-in" device that allows it to generate "free traffic" without end!

So considering the fact that you get free traffic, along with a predictable and steady stream of sales conversions, you get a guaranteed source of endless income!

Additionally, the webpage you get already contains a PROVEN digital product that no online marketer can live without, and one that is delivered where all your orders are filled automatically by another firm on behalf of you, the webpage owner! (And at no costs!)

Not only that, but the webpage contains a video that makes further an irresistible offer so that people must surrender their contact information, and which also becomes a VAST double-optin list!

This list is maintained by yet another separate online firm on your behalf, and that has the HIGHEST track record for getting over 98% deliverability for follow-up emailings (the same that convert another 378% more sales for you!)

So in a nutshell you get:

o An amazing website!
o A website that converts sales automatically!
o A website that puts "forced" money directly into your pocket!
o A website that's run by another firm for you (at NO charge!)
o A website that continues to promote for you over & over!
o A website that grows & cultivates a proven list!
o A website that functions automatically (so you never run it!)
o And a website that you get Free H0STING for!

So as you can easily see you get the whole "Sha-Bang!"

Here are just a few examples of the successes people are having using this "Forced Money" breakthrough system:

---> "Lisa C." Made $44,047 In Just 97 Days
---> "Jay R." Made $102,033 In Just 32 Days
---> "Cal W." Made $317,951 In Just 17 Days

Without wasting another moment of your time, why not go to the new site that shows you how you can get this site for yourself (if you'd like) for next to nothing? ...


*But I must warn you that they are only giving away a very limited number of these "forced money" websites that forcibly pour money into your pocket! - So please [for your sake] HURRY!